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Get Low!

If you’re an adult, chances are you’re probably taller than your child. Without bending down to their eye level you’re at risk of stiff neck syndrome. This is where all your shots involve your child looking up in the air toward the camera. If you’re shooting down on them at very close range the lens […]

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Genuine Expressions

“Say Cheese!” Say this, and you’ll get exactly what you asked for… a cheesy processed smile. I’m not talking refined Sharp Tilamook Cheddar here folks, I’m talking about a processed “American Cheese Singles” grade of cheesiness. I’ve had photo sessions almost ruined by these smiles elicited by parents insisting their child smile for the camera. […]

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The Eyes Have It!

“The Eyes are the Window to the Soul” The most important element of a portrait is the subject’s eyes. Eyes reveal the emotions, thoughts, health and character of a person, so it’s vital you capture them accurately. Always focus your camera on your subject’s eyes. Unless you’re doing an artistic portrait that focuses on some […]

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10 to 2 is Hard to Do

What’s the best time of day to shoot portraits? Not from 10-2:00 pm, that’s for sure! Why? Well, I can give you several reasons: The Sun is beaming down from directly over head, creating shadows in your eye sockets. If there’s no cloud cover, the sunlight is bright and contrasty… not flattering for a portrait. […]

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